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Brita Everyday Water Filter Pitcher Review

Filtered Tap Water at Your Fingertips

I have covered just about every type of water softener and filtration system I can think of on my website. You can choose from the “all singing, all dancing” whole house systems to the most simple countertop or under-sink models. However, I understand that many people either don’t have the facility to install systems like this, or don’t have the money.

Brita Everyday Filter Pitcher
Brita Everyday Water Filter Pitcher
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Since I’m about giving you as much choice as possible, I’ve decided to do a review on the Brita Everyday Water Filter Pitcher. Pitchers like this have been around since water filtration really started to take a hold on the market, and Brita is one of the biggest household names I’ve come across (hence this review).

So, what can you expect from this water filter pitcher? Let’s take a peek below:


Some of you may think that design isn’t important with a water filter pitcher, but in actual fact it does play a huge part in how easy it is to store your filtered water and how it fits into your own décor. This new design from Brita comes in white, so there will be no problem with it blending into your own style of decoration.

Brita has also thought about the fact that we all love a nice chilled glass of water, no matter what time of year it is. They have made sure the design is sleek enough so it will easily fit on the shelf inside your fridge without taking up too much space. Just think about how much space you’re currently taking up with all those store bought bottles of water!

How the Filter Works

As many of you probably already know, you place a filter inside a specially designed holder in your pitcher. This filter is ion exchange resin and activated carbon which work together to help reduce impurities. The carbon will reduce the amount of chlorine in your tap water which can affect the colour and smell.

At the same time the ion exchange will reduce impurities such as mercury, copper and cadmium which are all known contaminants. It will also help to reduce the amount of zinc which is what gives the water from your faucet that nasty metallic taste. The result is great tasting, clear water that will even get the kids interested in drinking it.

Other Considerations

If you don’t have any kind of water filtration in your home, just take a moment to think about how many bottles of water you buy each week. Then, think about how much this is costing you, and even if you recycle the chances are most of the bottles end up in landfill. (More information about that can be found on my section why you should use less bottled water).

This pitcher will hold as many as 10 8 ounce glasses of water at a time, which will easily accommodate the average sized family. It’s BPA or bisphenol A free, which is an industrial chemical used to make plastics (think about the bottles of water in your fridge right now).

Unlike many other models of Pitcher from Brita, this one comes with a convenient sticker filter change indicator which you can move so you know when it’s time to change the filter. This is a no frills way of knowing when you need to change the filter, and it doesn’t have to be attached to the pitcher itself which is really convenient.


If you’re on a budget but don’t want to miss out on being able to drink the water that comes from your faucet, this pitcher is definitely worth considering. It’s reasonably priced and if you take a look at Amazon you’ll find some great deals on the pitcher and additional filters.

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