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Salt-Free Water Softener Reviews

So, you’ve decided that a salt free water softener may be the model you go for, and I can’t blame you. The way these softeners work is a bit different to those that are salt based in that they use electricity, magnetism and/or reverse osmosis in order to neutralize those pesky compounds like calcium and magnesium.

This is why purists do not consider these models real water softeners, but it is proven many times that salt-free softeners help prevent damage to your appliances and plumbing very effectively (so who cares if it doesn’t fit the water softener definition..).
A big plus for these systems is that they need very little maintenance, if any at all.

If you’re looking for a water filtration system, as oppose to a softener, check out my page on whole house water filters.
For whole house water softeners and water conditioners, just check the reviews below.

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