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Aquasana Water Softener & Filter Review
Best Whole House Softening / Filter Combo

A Range of Water Treatment Systems Just for You

How annoying is it when you’re looking for a water softener and/or a water filter, find a manufacturer that uses the sort of technology you’re interested in but then you have to go to different places in order to find the right one in their range? VERY! Is my answer to that question because we all live busy lives, and the last thing many of us have the time to do is spend hours sorting through information from different sources.

For that reason I’m going to give you an insight into the type of technology Aquasana has come up with and what type of softener and filtration systems you can buy. In the words below you will find 4 systems I’ve come across that have been designed with varying needs in mind.

So, let’s get going.

Aquasana SimplySoft Water Softener

Aquasana softener

This model is the water softener unit and the least expensive in the whole range. You can purchase it as a stand-alone system here on Amazon, or as an inclusion in the systems further down this page (or add it as an upgrade to your existing whole house filter system).

First of all, Aquasana hasn’t just thought about the quality of the water you get from your faucet, but they’ve thought about the environment as well. The solution came in the form of SLOW PHOS salt free water softening technology.
Now, the result of salt-based water softeners might be great for your water supply, but Aquasana decided to take the salt-free route because added sodium (salt) in waste water damages the environment and is difficult to treat so it can be re-used.

With that snippet of information let’s get on to how the technology used with these softeners will make your water soft (which is good for you), and free of lime-scale (which is good for your water pipes and appliances).

There are various hard minerals in your tap water and the main culprits that produce hard water are magnesium and calcium. When these two come together, they form hard crystals which will stick to anything they come into contact with, and that’s why you get lime-scale.
SLOW PHOS technology works by altering the ionic charge of these troublesome minerals, which means they won’t be able to stick together and create lime-scale. This results in soft water that’s nice to drink as well as protecting your appliances. It also means that you still get the benefits of the minerals mentioned, which in small doses are good for you.

This particular model is pretty easy to install (although you may need a plumber if you have no experience with this type of appliance), and the filter won’t need changing for at least 2 years.

Aquasana 4 Year Chloramines Filter System

Aquasana filter system

This is Aquasana’s whole house filter system, with 3 filtration stages to help reduce contaminants in your water. These include:

  • A pre-filter that removes particles like dirt and rust as small as 5 microns in size.
  • A filtration tank will remove chlorine and helps to level out the pH balance.
  • The final stage of filtration will further reduce chlorine (removing up to 97%) and other contaminants in your water.
  • This one will last long enough to cleanse 400,000 gallons of water.
  • It doesn’t need any electricity or back-flushing.

Aquasana 10-Year Whole House Water Filter with Salt-Free Softener

Aquasana 10 year softener and filter

When you combine the two systems above, you get the Aquasana EQ-300. This means you will get both a whole house water softener and a water filtration system so you can soften your water AND rid it of harmful contaminants.

I’ve seen quite a few whole house water softener and -filtration combos in my quest for pure water, but this one impressed me the most. Not all customer reviews are positive, but the overall consensus is that Aquasana has brought a very effective water treatment system to the market that can run a massive 1,000,000 gallons of water through it.

Aquasana 5 Year WellSoft

Aquasana well softener / filter

As suggested by the name, this model is perfect for well water and in addition to all of the benefits above, you get UV filtration. This is perfect for those of you that use well water as your source because it helps reduce the risk of bacteria and other contaminants present in well water.

In Conclusion

As you can see from the information above, this manufacturer has gone one step further in terms of the technology used to help soften and cleanse the water in your home without the use of salt (or other potentially environmentally damaging aids). Yes, there is a huge difference in price on all of them but at least you have the choice which is something I admire.

If you want to find out more about the technology used, and how you can make some great savings on the list prices, take a little look at Amazon.

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