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Clearwave CW-125 Water Conditioner Review
Best Budget Water Softener

Sick of Dealing with Hard Water in Your Home – Read On!

It’s a nightmare isn’t it? You’re constantly cleaning the toilets, trying to get those stubborn lime-scale build-ups off your surfaces and around your taps, and if that wasn’t enough your dishwasher and washing machine keep breaking down because the pipes are clogged up.

The reason behind this problem is hard water and I’ve come across many systems that will deal with this for you. However, lots of them are salt or chemical based and this adds to the expense of having a water conditioner in your home. Not only that, you have maintenance to think about as well. This is why I’m really excited about the Clearwave CW-125 Electronic Water Conditioner, as it doesn’t use any chemicals or salt.

“How does it work?” I hear you ask. Well, the clue is in the name.

Clearwave CW-125 Salt Free Water Conditioner
Clearwave CW-125 Electronic Water Conditioner
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This water softener uses electronic waves to break down the compounds that cause hard water.
Incidentally, the main culprits are calcium and magnesium. When these two come together, they stick to the inside of your water pipes which will eventually clog them up completely. This is also why you end up having to deal with toilets surfaces that are (for want of a better word) crusty.
It’s also the same around your taps, and it doesn’t bear thinking about what’s going on in your dishwasher or washing machine.

How This System Actually Works

I have already mentioned the use of electronic waves, and how they break down these troublesome compounds in your water. When this happens, calcium and magnesium is neutralized as it passes through your water system. This means they can’t stick to each other or your surfaces. Instead, they pass through the system and straight down your drain.

Is It Easy to Install?

Yes, this system can be fitted to your system within a matter of minutes. You simply wrap the wires around your pipes and keep them in place with some zip ties (which the manufacturer has kindly included with your purchase). All that’s needed after that is for you to switch it on.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about your electric bill going up, don’t! This water conditioner uses a mere 5 watts and maintenance is next to nothing.

The Results

I must add that some customers have complained they don’t see much difference, and this is probably because they didn’t deal with the lime-scale they could see before fitting the Clearwave. It is recommended that you follow the instructions detailing how to reduce the amount of visible build-up before you install your new system. Of course, it is always possible that you may have received a faulty unit in which case you can make use of the 90 day money back guarantee.

It’s hard to imagine that electricity can make a difference to the hard water in your home, but it does work. You will notice your surfaces have less build-up, your toilets won’t need cleaning as often and you will at last be able to work up a real lather when you’re in the shower!

You don’t have to take my word for it. There is plenty more reviews and other information to be found here at Amazon, and you’ll get some great deals on price as well.

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