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Morton 34M Water Softener Review

A Salt Based Water Softener that can Save You Money!

Throughout my website you will find all sorts of information on just about every water cleansing and softening product I’ve managed to research over the last few months. I have attempted to cater for all tastes, all types of water and all price ranges.

To me, salt based water softeners appeared to be a challenge, which is why I’m so excited about this one. There is a lot of confusion out there concerning this type of water softener and how effective it is, but because salt based systems have been around for so long it is what many people still turn to when dealing with hard water problems.

Morton Salt Company 34M Water Softener
Morton 34M Water Softener Unit
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I’m not the type of person to push my point of view across, and it doesn’t matter what my personal preference is so I apologise if I come across as a little over enthusiastic during this review. The product in question is the Morton Salt Company 34M Water Softener Unit, and I happen to think it’s one of the best on the market.

What’s So Good about This Product?

This unit is what’s called a 32,000 grain water softener. If you have some idea of what this means, then good for you! If you don’t, you can take a look at the informational pages I have on my website that tell you about grain capacity and how it all works.

The difference with this softener compared to other manufacturers is the unique “look ahead” technology they use.

I have come across a LOT of complaints from people who have been most unhappy about the fact that their current water softener uses way more salt than they thought it would. So far, I have seen quite the opposite with this unit. In fact, there have been comments where people have only needed about 4 or 5 bags of salt a year! Bear in mind however, this is probably a very small household that doesn’t use a great deal of water.

However, I digress. You want to know about the “look ahead” technology. Morton has designed this model so it’s intelligent enough to know how much water you use, and it remembers! For instance, it will calculate your average water usage and will work according to that. It will also deal with those upsurges in water usage. Perhaps you have family over for the holidays and the bathroom is in constant use?

This water softener will step up a gear in order to deal with additional usage. Ultimately, you will have a water softener that doesn’t need regenerating before it should, and this means spending less on additional salt, reduces the amount of water you waste and overall saves you money.

A Few Last Words

Of course, even though this softener isn’t using salt all the time you will notice a difference in the hardness of your water. Clothing and dishes will need less detergent in order to get them clean. When you take a shower, you’ll probably have to get used to using less soap, and your skin won’t feel dry and tight once you’ve finished.
If you’re as excited about it as much as I am, why not take a quick look at how many currently have in stock?

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