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MegaHome Countertop Water Distiller Review

The Purest Form of Water from Home

What’s the difference between distilled and filtered water? This is a question I come across often, and I think it deserves an explanation before I get into the review for this particular product. In simple terms water that has been filtered will separated water from various contaminants that can cause nasty odors, poor taste, and in some cases various other substances that can be a threat to your health.

Water distillers on the other hand work very differently, and this is why many people turn to this form of “water purification” instead of filtration. A distiller will first turn the water you wish to treat into steam, and it is then condensed back into water. The act of being turned into steam and back into water is where it all happens.

Distilling is seen as a way of getting as close to pure H2O as you can because it removes all contaminants and minerals. Distillers are perfect for those of you that are looking for the purest form of water you can get in the home. For instance, this type of system is great for people who have aquariums (fish can be very fussy about their environment), or distilled water is worth thinking about when using various appliances around the home like coffee machines or irons.
Oh, and for most of us it’s nice to drink as well.

MegaHome Countertop Water Distiller
MegaHome Countertop Water Distiller
See it at Amazon

So, on to the review I have here for you. It’s all about the MegaHome water distiller, and I had to include it on my website because I’m yet to come across a product that’s better. There’s no point in me explaining how it works because you already know that, so let’s highlight some of the other benefits.

How Much Distilled Water You Get

The “kettle” part to this product (for want of a better word), will hold 1 gallon of water. It will take about 5-6 hours for this to be distilled and ends up in a glass collection jug that’s the same size. This means you can get about 4 gallons of pure water every-day.
Some may think this process is slow but you have to remember the science that goes into creating a colorless, odorless and contaminant free jug of water.

The reason the manufacturer has used a glass collection jug as opposed to plastic is because there is less chance the liquid inside will be subjected to contaminants once it’s been distilled. It also comes with a handy nozzle so there’s no mess.

What You Get for Your Money

Included in the box when you receive the MegaHome distiller is the main unit (of course), which is stainless steel inside and on the outside it’s white which means it will blend in no matter where you decide to keep it. You also get the glass collection jug, a six pack of charcoal filters and some residue cleaner.

Another benefit worth mentioning is the automatic shut-off which means you don’t have to worry about the unit “boiling” dry. However, if you wish to switch it off before all of the water has been distilled you do have to disconnect it from the mains rather than press a button.

This product is UL approved and unlike many other manufacturers, you get a 30 day money back guarantee backed up with a 1 year warranty.

In Conclusion

If you’re someone who is fed-up with having to lug bottles of water from the grocery store as part of your weekly shop, but still want great tasting and totally contaminant free water, this product is the answer.

You don’t have to take my word for it, have a look at Amazon. This distiller is currently one of their best selling products, and the comments available to you prove why!

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